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Our mentors work at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft and live in London, Zurich, Dublin, Berlin and all over Europe.

They know the interview process inside out and know the market situation very well. Which companies have open headcount and in which office? What projects are being developed? What is the average market salary in each city? How to relocate? And the list goes on..They can't tell you anything covered by NDA, for example real interview questions, but everything else is a fair game.

How it works
Book a screening call
First, we need to understand your desired outcome and devise a study plan for you. Please book your screening call here.
Study and get help
Join a group call every week for algorithm/system design lecture or a mock interview. Additional 1x1 calls with your mentor added as needed: discussing progress, consultation, etc. Complete a homework, which is reviewed by mentors and ask questions in our group chat.
Apply for a job with our support
When we feel you are ready, we help finalizing your CV and help you with referrals if we see a strong match.
Get an offer and negotiate your compensation
You pass interviews and receive job offers. This is the most important step! Many engineers are not comfortable with negotiating. We will help to navigate those hard conversations with recruiters. It's possible to significantly improve the initial offer, sometimes up to 30%!
Course Curriculum
  • Algorithms complexity
  • Array and linked list (singly linked and doubly linked)
  • Recursion:
    • Exponentiation by squaring
    • Euclidean algorithm for finding GCD
    • Fibonacci numbers
  • Search algorithms:
    • Linear search
    • Binary search
  • Stack and queue
  • Set and map (based on hash tables or trees):
    • LRU cache
  • Heap
  • Sort algorithms
    • Quick sort, quick select
    • Heap sort
    • Merge sort
  • Dynamic programming
  • DSU
  • Graph data structure:
    • Traversal algorithms: BFS, DFS
    • Topological sort
    • Search for connected components
  • Graph data structure:
    • Shortest Path Search Algorithms in a Graph: Dijkstra and Bellman-Ford Algorithms
    • Finding a minimum spanning tree in a graph: Prim and Kruskal algorithms
    • Detect cycles in a graph
  • Tree data structure:
    • Binary search tree
    • Tree traversal algorithms
    • Splay tree
    • Finding the Least Common Ancestor
  • Algorithms on the strings:
    • Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm
    • Rabin-Karp Algorithm
  • Trie data structure:
    • Suffix tree
    • Aho-Corasick Algorithm
  • Bit operations
  • Simple geometry
  • Linear algebra:
    • Gaussian elimination
  • Combinatorics:
    • Catalan numbers
    • Binomial Coefficients
How do I get a job in a top tech company or a startup?
Stages of getting a job at a FAANG-level company or a top startup:
  • writing a CV and creating an impressive LinkedIn profile showing your best experience
  • preparing for interviews:
    • Programming
    • System Design
    • Behavioral questions
    • Apply for a job with a referral
    • Getting offers and negotiating
We assess all facets and help you fill the gaps and excel in areas that are currently lacking.
Ok, so where can I get the job?
We can help you get a job in any country, and we are most experienced in the following regions:

  • EU and Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA (if you have a work authorization)
  • Singapore & Hong Kong
How much does it cost?
We understand different people have different needs, so we devised 4 payment plans and 1 screening option:
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