Launch your international career in tech

Our mentors help you level up your skills and get job offers from top tech companies and startups around the world

Brush up your knowledge and skills - learn how to ace your interviews
3 months of intensive preparation
80% of our candidates get job offers in the first 3 months
Get job offers from top tech companies and startups
Negotiate your offer and raise your compensation by 10-15%
Spend 3x less time on your job search
How it works
Here are the key steps of our flagship program. We are happy to tailor our programs to your needs.
First and foremost, we assess your skills on a screening call and help you select the right mentor for you. All our mentors are experienced professionals working in the top tech companies around the world. Your mentor will help you to evaluate your skills and amount of time you need in the program to get a job.

CV and LinkedIn

We help you fix your CV and online profiles to get through the screening processes in tech companies. We teach how to highlight your achievements and your results. Create a LinkedIn profile that will help you get discovered by recruiters.

Cover letters and contacts with recruiters

Strong cover letter and right communication with recruiters will help you stand out among other candidates. We will help you with all important details during your first few interactions with HRs.

Job search and opportunity sourcing

You will find out new ways to search for a job beyond LinkedIn. We will help you identify new opportunities and get the referrals in case we see a strong match with the role.

Practical interview preparation

3 weeks of intensive practice for technical, product, business and behavioral interviews depending on your role. Detailed feedback from your mentor will help you to identify your knowledge and skill gaps more effectively than any online course.

10+ mock interviews

Practice makes perfect! After individual mock-interviews with experienced mentors you will be ready ace real life questions and feel confident during the actual interview.
WEEKS 9-10

Salary negotiation

Negotiating can help to increase your total compensation by 5-20%. We will help you to evaluate your offers from career perspectives, taxes and cost of living in different locations around the world. Moreover, we will help you make the right arguments for the salary increase.
WEEKS 11-12

Screening and mentor choice

Job search and opportunity sourcing

Verbetcetera gets paid only after you get a job

Pay nothing until you land a job offer. Other pricing options available.
Middle, Senior & C-level candidates

Product Managers

Who do we work with
Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Developers, Account Managers

Business Specialists



Software Developers, Engineering Managers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts
Communication Designers, Product Designers, Design Managers, UX Researchers
Our mentees got job offers from top tech companies:
What is the success rate of the program?
98% of our clients so far have landed jobs in different countries across the globe. Majority of the clients who have gone through individual consultations and mentorship significantly grew professionally and achieved their goals that they planned prior to the consultations.
Which salary can you count on?
Salary depends on your experience, country, company, position, as well as many other factors. Based on our experience, our mentees received job offers starting from EUR 40k per year.
How do we select a mentor?
The mentor is selected based on the experience, goals and preferences of the client. All mentors have experience working in top tech companies all around the world, including Europe, US and Asia. The client can always book a free intro call with a mentor before signing up for a program.
How long is the mentorship program?
Mentor support lasts 3 months, but if necessary, the mentor continues to help their mentees and answer their questions after the end of the program for 6 months.
Is it possible to fail the screening for the program?
To join our Income Sharing Agreement program, you need to have at least 3 years of experience in IT industry and at least Upper-Intermediate level of English. In addition, we conduct a scoring of the candidate and honestly inform you about the chances of getting into the program. But if for some reason we understand that we can't help you right now, we stay in touch and you can try again in six months or a year.
Which countries Verbetcetera helps finding a job?
At the moment, Verbetcetera helps with job search in the USA, Great Britain, all European and Asian countries, Canada and Australia. Our graduates work for companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, OLX, Zalando, Pandora, Wrike, DataCamp, Mouseflow, VCV and many others around the world.
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