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New mentors wanted
Want to help people with interviews and their careers in general?
Apply to work with Verbetcetera team
About us
Our mission is to make top tech careers accessible to all regardless of background or geography
Our story
We launched mentorship services in 2018 and since then helped hundreds of candidates to land job offers of their dreams. We also created various courses for tech professionals like "Technical skills for Product Managers" and "Algorithms for software engineers".
1,5 h mock interview where you help people to see the gaps in their preparation. Share your expertise on how to ace your interview without additional effort or rejects
More than >85% success rate based on more than 500 hundred candidates in 4 years.
What you will need to do
Help others to achieve their goals by mentoring them on interviews or career development in general
Career conversation
Strategy session with a consultant that helps to identify candidate's genuine needs, a new career path and application strategy. Mentor saves a lot of time for the candidate and shares market expertise.
1,5h mock interview where you help people to see the gaps in their preparation. Share your expertise on how to ace your interview without additional effort or rejects
CV Writing
Tell us what a great CV for your domain looks like and teach others to create one in a 1,5h session
What we expect
A mentor should know how to find a job in a new market in their domain or how to move industries and land a job in tech
More than 3 years of experience in one of the following domains:
– Product / Marketing / Technical program management
– Software engineering [Backend / Frontend / Mobile]
– Data / Business / Product Analyst
– Operations / Sales / Customer service / Customer success management
– UX/UI and Graphic design
English Working Proficiency
You're a global professional with more than 2 years of experience in international teams speaking English. You're good at written and verbal English. 
You live and work in one of the technical hubs in EMEA, APAC, LATAM, or the US. 
Preferred, but not critical
Experience in passing and conducting interviews
– You're good at delivering positive and constructive feedback
– You know how to write a good CV
– You understand well what HRs and managers look for in your area
(e.g. PMs for product managers and SWEs for software engineers)
FAANG / Top startup experience
You worked in a FAANG company or one of the top startups with a great product and engineering culture (e.g. late stage YC startups). 
People management experience or coaching education
You managed and mentored a team for a while or you specialized in coaching or psychology. 
Working Conditions
We compensate your time based on market rates, and we will be ready to discuss this after the interview process with the Verbetcetera team. 

Flexible part-time
You set up your schedule yourself and candidates book slots based on your availability. The process is automated and you only have to keep your Google Calendar up to date. 
Network & Community 
We have a lot of opportunities to network both with candidates and externally. We offer opportunities for public speaking, webinars, and publications. 
Apply for a role
Contact us in Telegram if you have any questions: @alinaverbenchuk
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