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Everything you need to know to prepare for the interviews in top tech companies and ace them from the first time
Algorithms for coding interviews
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4 months
16 lessons in total (one per week) and 16 home assignments
Live sessions
Lectures and detailed analysis of the problems in live sessions with mentors
Former and current software engineers from top companies
Training materials
Recordings and materials are available for unlimited time
Small groups and 1:1 mentor approach for each student replicates the real interview experience and allows to get premium value from each session
Pass the interview process from the first time with no stress
Practice as much as you want - with your peers and mentor mock-interviews
Optimal level of knowledge suitable for FAANGs and any other companies like Lyft, Uber, Stripe, Slack, Dropbox, Airbnb, Snap etc.
Assess your level and get feedback in real time
Solve problems of different complexity levels for diverse set of topics
What will you able to get after the course
Know what to expect and feel confident at every stage of the interview process
You have questions —
we have answers
I want to know what to prepare for
I want to pass an interview from the first time and get a job in a large international company
We need a person who will share his experience and help prepare for solving problems for an interview
I know the topic, but I stop at practical tasks
I want to know what they ask at the interview, so that I am not caught off guard
I want to prepare for an interview, but I can't find the necessary information
I want to prepare for an interview, but there is so much information on the Internet that I do not know which one will be useful to me
Our mentors
All Verbetcetera mentors have experience in top international companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook and helped hundreds of candidates to upgrade their skills.
Alex has a wide range of experience in software development and interview processes, both in corporations and in startups. His main goal is to make a product that will make customer's life easier. As a mentor he helped students to get deep understanding of algorithms and ace their interviews as a result. In his own words: "Don't worry if you can't solve complex problems from day one. You should be aware of your weak spots and that's where structured course and a lot of practice will help you a lot".
Senior Software Engineer @ Miro, ex-Amazon and ex-Yandex
Alex Martishin
Ava has worked as a Software Engineer at Google and Mozilla Firefox. In her own words: "Do you know what I loved more than work? Coding Interview Preparation.
I know exactly how how to ace the Coding Interview to get to the your dream company. More than that - I want for you to really enjoy this experience.

You are smarter than you think. All you need is:
- Know exactly what the company is interviewing you for
- Create the deliberate practice of preparation
You can find the position that you will love".
Coding Interview Coach, ex-Google and ex-Mozilla Firefox Software Engineer
Ava Katushka
Who should take the course
Software engineers preparing for the algorithm code interviews
Developers looking to upgrade their knowledge of computer science
Engineers who want to grow into tech lead position
Those who want to develop their analytical thinking to solve complex tasks at work
16 session topics
Structured course with intro lectures for each topic, problem solving, mock interviews and mentorship support
8. Heap
4. Recursion
6. Stack and queue
2. Array
7. Set and map
3. Linked List
5. Search algorithms
1. Algorithms Complexity
16. Bit operations
12. Graph data structure
14. Algorithms on the strings
10. Dynamic programming
15. Trie data structure
11. DSU
13. Tree data structure
9. Sort algorithms
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