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All the necessary knowledge to understand technical aspects of software development in order to effectively build great products, hire top-notch teams and manage processes without major problems
Tech skills for Product managers and founders
October 16, 2021
1 month
5 live lessons in total and 4 home assignments
Technical interview
Graduation interview replicating a real technical interview in tech companies
Former and current software engineers and product managers from top companies
Training materials
Recordings and materials are available for unlimited time
Live sessions allow you to analyze all the important technical aspects in an interactive form and practice using them
Understand the rules and principles of technical product development
Understand the basics of machine learning
Practice using the acquired knowledge on real examples
Pass a real technical interview with detailed feedback
Get structured recommendations for preparing for interviews in technical companies
What will you able to get after the course
Learn the principles and methods of data storage
You have questions —
we have answers
I want to understand basics of software development and system design
I want to pass an interview from the first time and get a job in a large international company
I need to understand which systems and developers I might need when scaling my product
I want to know what they ask at the interview, so that I am not caught off guard
I want to prepare for technical PM interview, but I can't find the necessary information
I want to prepare for an interview, but there is so much information on the Internet that I do not know which one will be useful to me
I want to understand how to select the right tech stack for my product
Our mentors
All Verbetcetera mentors have experience in top international companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook and helped hundreds of candidates to upgrade their skills.
Alex has a wide range of experience in software development and interview processes, both in corporations and in startups. His main goal is to make a product that will make customer's life easier. As a mentor he helped students to get deep understanding of algorithms and ace their interviews as a result.
Senior Software Engineer @ Miro, ex-Amazon and ex-Yandex
Alex Martishin
Ava has worked as a Software Engineer at Google and Mozilla Firefox. In her own words: "Do you know what I loved more than work? Coding Interview Preparation.
I know exactly how how to ace the Coding Interview to get to the your dream company. More than that - I want for you to really enjoy this experience.
Coding Interview Coach, ex-Google and ex-Mozilla Firefox Software Engineer
Ava Katushka
Olga Kovekh
Senior Product manager @ Amazon, ex-Scentbird and ex-Yandex
Specialize in product interviews at top tier companies, strategy, growing products from the scratch and building complex ML-products
Who should take the course
Product managers without a strong technical background
Product analysts who work with complex products in order to understand the details of the product architecture and have sufficient competencies for informed decision making
Sales/Customer support leads for technical products in order to improve communication with product teams and decision makers
Everyone who wants to start working with complex technical products and want to understand basic system design
5 sessions topics and technical interview
[16.10.21, Sat, 12:00] Intro to development and the Internet
– How the internet works
– Front-end, back-end, and tech stacks
– Programming languages and use cases
– Terminology: Frameworks, libraries, and SDKs
– APIs
[23.10.21, Sat, 12:00] Version control and release process
– Version control: Git and GitHub
– Version control lingo: Repositories, forking, and pull requests
– Shipping code: Master, staging, and production servers
– How mobile releases work
[30.10.21, Sat, 12:00] Databases and distributed systems
– Databases
– Data Partitioning and Indexes
– SQL vs. NoSQL
– Key Characteristics of Distributed Systems
– Load Balancing and Caching
[06.11.21, Sat, 12:00] ML and system design
– ML basics
– System design cases
– Example: Instagram System Design
[13.11.21, Sat, 12:00] Technical product manager position and technical interviews
– Why does the lack of technical skills block the career growth of a product manager
– How to build trust with a technical team if you are a product manager or founder
– What technical skills should a product manager develop
– How can a product manager prepare for a technical interview with a tech company
14 900 ₽
Lectures only
19 900 ₽
Lectures & Homework
29 900 ₽
Lectures, Homework & 2 Mock-interviews
5 Zoom lectures
Practical algorithmic problems
Review your results with your mentor
5 Zoom lectures
Practical technical tasks
Review your results with your mentor
5 Zoom lectures
Practical algorithmic problems
Review your results with your mentor
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