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Tech Skills For Product Managers Program

Learn how to build modern IT-systems, estimate required engineering resources and influence technical teams without authority

Program start: February 13, 2021

  • 8 hours of lectures with engineers from top tech companies
  • Lifetime access to content
  • Homework tasks with feedback from instructor
  • Mock interview with an instructor
  • Interview prep with peers
  • Сourse language: russian

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Our instructors work in top tech companies
Key Benefits
  • Develop deep understanding of the product development process from technical perspective without lengthy coding bootcamps
  • Make qualified decisions about feature requests from business teams even if you don't have technical background
  • Build relationship and improve communication with your engineering teams
  • Structured your knowledge about software development process and improve your expertise to make qualified decisions
Program Curriculum
1 month program covers all aspects of modern web and mobile development: how internet works, modern programming languages with examples, version control, databases and system design.
  • How the internet works
  • Front-end, back-end, and tech stacks
  • Programming languages and use cases
  • Terminology: Frameworks, libraries, and SDKs
  • APIs

Version control and release process

  • Version control: Git and GitHub
  • Version control lingo: Repositories, forking, and pull requests
  • Shipping code: Master, staging, and production servers
  • CI/CD
  • How mobile releases work

Databases and distributed systems


ML and system design

  • ML basics
  • System design cases
  • Example: Instagram System Design

Practical tasks

  • Product diagram
  • Practical questions based on the course content
  • Peer interviews
  • Final interview with the instructor after which you'll receive a detailed feedback on your technical skills

Internet and software development 101

  • Databases
  • Data Partitioning and Indexes
  • SQL vs. NoSQL
  • Key Characteristics of Distributed Systems
  • Load Balancing and Caching
Who Should Attend
  • Product Managers who want to succeed at their job
    • Senior PMs without technical background
    • Middle, Junior+ PMs (at least 1 year of experience)
    • PMs who plan to switch to more sophisticated tech products
  • Product Analysts working on complex products who want to dive deep into details of the product and have enough skills for impactful decision making
  • Business Analysts (Junior/Middle)
  • Sales/Customer support leads of tech heavy products to improve communication with the product team and decision makers

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