How to find a job abroad, part 1

Product Engineering *
I'm happily sharing a short list of resources that can be used as a starting point to find a job abroad in addition to networking. We'll go through a funnel from the broadest to the most narrow search tool. 

1. Google Jobs — has a good cover for positions in the English speaking world. If you type in 'product management jobs' or 'software engineering jobs' into the search box, you should get a list of positions near the place you live in. If you want to relocate, add the desired location into your query.

2. LinkedIn — has a quite good search engine to start the job market research. In beta version you may see the expected salary and possible perks.

3. Glassdoor — similar to LinkedIn, that also has an info about the company, reviews from its employees etc

4. Target companies websites — go to websites of the companies you are interested in and look for the Careers or Jobs sections. Websites of FAANG companies:

5. Aggregators:

6. Russian speaking channels in  Telegram: